Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Four Short Films

Some updates on a couple of short films I have done in the last year.

Production Designer for "Where Silence Falls," a short film shot in January 2007.

The kitchen.

Screenshot of the kitchen and hallway.

Link to "Where Silence Falls" website is here.

Production Designer for "The Everything Machine" shot in June 2006.

The living room.

Director Cullen Hoback in front of the Monolith.

Art Director for the short "The Bobbsey Twins Go To Hell" shot in May of 2006.

Luci creates an indoor blizzard.

Freddie's room.

More pictures of "The Bobbsey Twins Go To Hell" can be found here.

Production Designer for the short film "Sparrow" shot in April 2006.

Sparrow in happier times.

Sparrow in the alleyway.

Official website for "Sparrow" is here.

"Sparrow" on is here.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Set Decorator for Kate's Smile, a feature film shot in Portland, Ore. in November 2005.

Charlie's apartment. A musician's New York City studio.

Kate's childhood bedroom. A little girl's vanity area.

The wedding scene. The ballroom floor and cake.

The Police Station front desk.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Art Director on Insta-Hole commercial for OMSI's Animation Exhibit. Three soundstage sets on risers with greenscreen hole cut into floor. High angles of the room and floor.

The bedroom set.

The living room set.

The kitchen set.

More information about the Animation Exhibit can be found here.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Set Decorator/Dresser for the feature film Drama Queens. Filmed in Portland, Ore. in July 2005.

Frank's Pad from Drama Queens. The swinging ladies' man.

Doll's Apartment from Drama Queens. A very shallow person.

More Pictures from Drama Queens are here.


Set Decorator/Dresser for the feature film Only for You. Filmed in Portland, Ore. in May 2005.

Suzanne's Apartment from Only for You. A rustic Bohemian feel.

Tina's Bedroom from Only for You. Early 1990's childhood room.

Film's Details are here.
More Pictures are here. *First Titled "Right Love, Wrong Time"


I was hired onto Freedom State for set construction and eventually became Art Director. These photos are from the 2nd Unit reshoots in September 2005.

The Portrait Scene from the short film Freedom State.

Dex's Room from the short film Freedom State. Wall painted by hand.

The film's website is here.
Watch the trailer here.

The film's details are here.